TN 53 (08-95)

DI 32521.010 Systems Operating Procedures

A. Policy

Dixon cases are entered on the National DDS System (NDDSS).

B. Procedure

1. Case receipt

Process claims according to systems procedures in SM 06001.100.

Enter case as receipts (DREC) on the NDDSS with the following information:


LUN, LEXEnter the usual information.
Obtain from the original SSA-831-U3 (Disability Determination Transmittal) in the folder.
TYPEnter the level code “RC” followed by the claim type (DIB, DI, etc.) from the original SSA-831-U3.
RCDEnter the current date (MMDDYY).
SRDEnter the current date (MMDDYY).
SOEnter “N”.
DOEnter the office code for the office that sent the folder to the DDS. Find this information on the court case flag attached to the case folder.
LITEnter 808.

2. Current claim pending

If a claim is pending and has been receipted into the NDDSS, associate the claim with the Dixon claim(s), update the pending claim using the update screen and identify it for Dixon as follows:


T2, T16, AN, BIC,
Enter identifying information.
SOEnter “N”.
MBCEnter “AR”.

NOTE: If a new claim is received in the DDS after the Dixon claim, follow 2. above (i.e., update the Dixon claim as AR and receipt the new claim).

3. Case clearance

Clear cases as follows:

  1. Enter on the NDDSS following SM 06001.350.

  2. Input a systems override (SO) code of “C” to indicate case control clearance only. Clear non-class member claims as “No Decisions.”

  3. Input “808” in LA field when clearing a subsequent claim.

  4. Route to the servicing FO (or to the Disability Quality Branch (DQB) if selected for QA or PER).

4. Folder location/status requests

Obtain folder location or status request (and request folders) via the DDS query (DDSQ) facility. (See SM 06002.001.)

5. Identification of pending claims

When entering a receipt on the NDDSS and the edit message “OPEN CLAIM EXISTS IN (name of State)” is received:

  • obtain a DDSQ;

  • obtain pending claim and associate it with the Dixon claim (see DI 32502.001).

C. References

The DDS Receipt (DREC) process, SM 06001.100.

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