TN 60 (08-96)

DI 32586.015 Systems Operating Procedures -- Stieberger

A. Procedure

1. Case receipt

Enter Stieberger cases as receipts (DREC) on the National DDS System (NDDSS) with the following information:

PIN, LUN, LEXEnter the usual information.
AN, BIC, AH, XAH, DB, XAN, XBCObtain information from the SSA-831-U3 in the Stieberger package.
TYPEnter the level code “IN” followed by the claim type (DIB, DI, etc.) from the SSA-831-U3.
RCDEnter the current date (MMDDYY).
SRDEnter the current date (MMDDYY).
SOEnter “N”.
DOEnter the office code for the office that sent the folder to the DDS. This information can be found on the court case flag attached to the Stieberger package.
LITUse a LIT code of 889.
SLCUse an SLC code of “E”.

2. Case clearance

Take the following steps for case clearance:

1Follow instructions in SM 06001.350.
2Input a systems override (SO) code of “C” to indicate case control clearance only.
3Route the case to the servicing FO or, if selected for quality assurance (QA) or preeffectuation review (PER), to the Disability Quality Branch (DQB).

B. Reference

DDS Receipt (DREC) process, SM 06001.100

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