DI 33025.000 Procedures for Special Cases and Handling

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Procedures for Special Cases and Handling
DI 33025.001Medicare for Qualified Government Employment (MQGE) CasesTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.005Title XVI Conversion CasesTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.010Career Railroad (RR) or Surviving Dependent RR Annuitant Cases - Disability Hearings Unit (DHU) CasesTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.015Foreign ClaimsTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.025Section 301 Cases - Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) InvolvedTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.030Cases Involving Individuals Convicted of a FelonyTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.035Criminal Violations - Suspected FraudTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.036Disability Hearing Officer’s Use of Cooperative Disability Investigations Unit (CDIU) Report of Investigation (ROI) EvidenceTN 9 11-12
DI 33025.040Litigation and Court ActionTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.045Potential Suicidal or Homicidal BehaviorTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.050Disability Hearing Unit (DHU) Discovers Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) Issue Prior to or During the HearingTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.055Suggested Language for Notices in Cases Where a Reopening and Reversal to Cessation is Necessary due to Prior Exclusion of Felony-Related Impairment - ExhibitTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.070Childhood Disability Redetermination Cases Under P.L. 104-193TN 7 09-97
DI 33025.075Age 18 Redetermination Cases Under P.L. 104-193TN 10 12-17
DI 33025.080Using Video teleconferencing (VTC) Equipment to Conduct HearingsTN 10 12-17
DI 33025.085Conducting Disability Hearings by TelephoneTN 10 12-17

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