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DI 34201.001 Introduction - Obsolete Versions of Part B Listing of Impairments

In deciding the issue of continuing disability under the medical improvement review standard (MIRS) described in DI 28005.001, certain reference materials are needed.

This chapter includes obsolete versions of Part B of the Listing of Impairments. This material is needed in determining (under DI 28015.001) whether medical improvement (MI) is related to the individual's ability to work. This subchapter reproduces the Listing of Impairments as it previously appeared in various manuals. It should be kept in mind that the provisions shown are obsolete and may not be considered outside the context of the MIRS. The obsolete portions may not be used in deciding whether an individual's impairment(s) currently meets or equals the requirements of the Listing of Impairments.

Throughout the time the Listing of Impairments has been in effect, additional policy instructions have clarified and interpreted many listing provisions. These other instructions do not have the same force as regulations because they were not published as regulations. Due to the extensive nature of these other instructions and due to the length of time involved, it is not administratively feasible to reproduce all of these other instructions as they appeared at each point in time the listing has been in effect. Therefore, if there is any doubt concerning application of these obsolete provisions in a MIRS context, resolve the conflict in favor of a finding favorable to the beneficiary (e.g., that the impairment continues to meet the prior listing section and, therefore, MI is not related to ability to work).

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