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DI 39503.020 How the Budget Process Works

SSA begins to develop annual budgetary estimates almost two years prior to the start of the fiscal year.

SSA's Office of Budget receives the DDS funding estimates in early May, approximately 17 months before the beginning of the fiscal year, and inform the agency's consolidated budget request.

State agency budget and operating data are key inputs to developing the estimated budgetary needs.

DDS budgetary needs take into account

  • initial disability claim receipt projections developed by the Office of the Chief Actuary,

  • work power needed to process those claims and other workloads, and

  • analysis of all other operating costs.

SSA Commissioner's budget request is submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in early September, approximately 13 months before the start of the fiscal year. OMB reviews the request and works with SSA to incorporate the President's priorities. The President's budget is typically submitted to Congress by the first Monday in February, about 8 months prior to the start of the fiscal year. The President's budget then goes through Congress' legislative process (budget resolution, appropriations and authorization bills, reconciliation, etc.).

SSA funding is part of the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies funding bill.

If Congress does not pass an annual appropriation by October 1st, then they must pass an interim funding bill in the form of a continuing resolution (CR) to ensure continuity of funding for Federal operations. A CR provides funding at the same or similar levels as the previous fiscal year. Once Congress passes an appropriation, OMB then has 30 days to apportion funds to SSA. DDS receives a separate apportionment.

SSA then provides allotments and allowances to SSA components, including the DDSs.

The Office of Disability Determinations (ODD), in turn, allots to each regional commissioner funds for regional DDSs.

The regional commissioners are then responsible for issuing individual DDS funding allocations.

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