Basic (03-86)

DI 39503.100 Workloads and Forecasts

The budget Fiscal and Administrative Letter outlining management emphases will be published annually, as near to September 1 as possible, to allow maximum time for DDS's to undertake preliminary analysis and planning for budget information.

SSA will issue (1) national workload estimates by program and (2) forecasts of probable developments pertinent to DDS financial needs, as well as more timely guides in estimating certain cost categories. Appropriate workloads for individual DDS's are established by the regional office and funded accordingly. If more recent experience leads an agency to question these estimated workloads, it may submit a budget based on other estimates. In such case, the agency must also submit with the budget a complete explanation of the method used to estimate its own workload with necessary rationale.

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DI 39503.100 - Workloads and Forecasts - 01/23/1990
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