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DI 39503.265 Workpower Needs -- Staffing

A. Full-time positions

State DDS's need to provide for full-time staff to process workloads, monitor special needs, and to coordinate day-to-day agency activities in connection with scheduling activities and meeting due dates. Consequently, the budget justification needs to contain a description of the organizational location of this staff and how it will function. List the positions on Form SSA-4515 (State Agency Budget List of Full-Time Positions for SSA Disability Programs) (see DI 39503.822). Approvals of work-years and specific limitations will be issued by the regional office.

B. Part-time temporary positions

To augment the full-time staff with the appropriate specialties and other positions required to perform the needed activities, DDS's are authorized to employ individuals on a part-time or temporary basis. Specific rationale is required to justify these positions. The basis for allocation of costs of part-time staff and payments for temporary services also need to be detailed in the justification. List these positions on Form SSA-4516 (State Agency Budget List of Part-time and Temporary Positions for SSA Disability Programs).

Report any added personnel costs, which may result from proposed legislation, in the narrative and include such costs in the line-item amounts requested. Include with your explanation of such items the statute, date of enactment, effective date, and the effect of its provisions on the SSA disabilty programs.

C. Medical consultant time

Submit a daily schedule of medical consultants' time to indicate distribution of consultative time by specialty throughout the week. If the agency is adding medical consultants, include in the schedule the planned distribution of the added time.

In some cases, the parent agency employs a full-time medical consultant who devotes part of his time to the disability program. Charges to the Trust Fund for these services need to be supported either by time records or a statement proposing a fixed percentage of the medical consultant's time allocable to the disability program. This statement will be acted upon by SSA and made a matter of record. These records will serve as the basis for base year costs in the budget.

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