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DI 39503.275 Indirect Costs (OMB Circular A-87)

Funds for indirect costs may be requested in the budget and conditionally approved by SSA before a State-wide Cost Allocation Negotiation Agreement and Department/Agency Indirect Cost Negotiation Agreement have been consummated and issued. However, as directed by OMB Circular A-87 such agreements must be obtained before obligations may be incurred for indirect costs.

If approved agreements are available at the time the budget request is released, include copies in the package. If the agency does not have approved agreements for the fiscal year, it should base its estimates on the following in the priority order as listed below:

  1. A. 

    A plan or proposal submitted to, but not yet approved by the Director, Regional Administrative Support Center (formerly the regional comptroller);

  2. B. 

    Approval issued by another Federal agency, but not yet distributed by HHS, e.g., Department of Labor;

  3. C. 

    A written estimate from a State department or agency in the process of developing a proposal;

  4. D. 

    An approved rate for a prior fiscal year.

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