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DI 39503.280 Supplemental Budgets -- DDS

The regional office should be notified as early in the quarter as possible if it appears obligational authority may not be sufficient to cover projected needs. The regional office will provide advice and guidance in this situation and, if necessary, will assist the DDS in preparing a supplemental budget submission. In those instances when a supplemental budget is required, obligations for the previous three quarters should be analyzed and an estimate of total fiscal year obligations developed.

Generally, supplemental budget requests are not submitted until the fourth quarter of the fiscal year when obligations for the previous three quarters can be analyzed and a solid estimate of total fiscal year obligations developed. The necessity for a supplemental budget is usually determined through the agency reevaluation of estimated fiscal year expenditures requested annually by SSA. The supplemental budget request must include information concerning the actual obligations during the part of the fiscal year already elapsed, and the additional amounts needed for the remainder of the fiscal year. Supporting information should be similar to the kind submitted with the regular budget requests. However, the completion of personal services forms (SSA-4515 and 4516) is usually not necessary. The supplemental budget must be prepared on Form SSA-870 and in the same number of copies as a regular budget request. The amounts requested in the supplemental budget should represent the estimated obligations for the entire fiscal year, not merely the additional amounts needed.

If an over obligation is not discovered until after the close of the fiscal year, a supplemental budget request must accompany the final SSA-4513 (State Agency Report of Obligations for SSA Disability Programs) submitted for the fiscal year. This supplemental budget should be supported by a detailed statement as to (1) the specific reasons for the over expenditure and (2) the steps that have been taken to avoid future occurrences.



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