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DI 39503.801 Submittal of Budget Request-Submittal Materials

A. Budget summary

Separate, well-documented budgets are required for the two ensuing fiscal years. It is important that estimated needs be supported by complete justification as well as computations and supporting schedules. This is especially important for the second fiscal year, which represents your input into the legislative budget request for that year.

B. Supporting schedules and documentation

Form SSA-870 accompanying support schedules for each fiscal year must be completed in their entirety, reflecting combined estimates for the disability insurance (title II) and supplemental security income (title XVI) programs. Support schedule forms SSA-4515, SSA-4516, SSA-871, a workpower analysis submission, exhibits in DI 39503.810-DI 39503.815, a certified equipment inventory statement, a computation of office space needs, an organizational chart, floor plan, and such other schedules as the regional office may request will be required to support the estimated funding needs.

To be effective, the budget presentation must be written to anticipate the information requirements necessary for evaluation during the budget review process. Please observe the following standards:

  1. 1. 

    The workpower analysis summary and the summary of budget data related to personal and nonpersonal services must be completed on the basis of completed claims (estimated DDS processed workloads). Any other tables or narrative used to support the budget estimate likewise need to be predicated upon estimates of processed claims.

  2. 2. 

    Highlight factors which emphasize increased services to the public (i.e., closer DDS/claimant relations, more effective DDS/medical community working relationships).

  3. 3. 

    Where quantitative means have been used to express budget requirements, such factors must be fully developed and included in the justification text.

C. Due date approval

A complete workpower analysis submission is due in the regional office no later than December 1, or each year. A review of this draft and any proposed changes will be discussed by the regional office with the DDS and an understanding reached by December 15.

D. Completed budget submission

The original and one copy of the completed budget request are due in the regional office no later than the date specified in the budget FAL. Any difficulties in meeting this due date must be promptly brought to the attention of the regional office. This will enable that office to provide such assistance as may be needed to guarantee timely submission. The budget approval will be sent to the DDS prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.

E. Non-SSA program work

Funding and workpower resources for non-SSA program work (e.g., Medicaid determinations) must be furnished in advance by the State outside the SSA budget process and, therefore, is not to be included with your budget request.

F. Estimated workloads

SSA will furnish the State DDS's with estimated national DDS disability workloads (receipts) for the 2 fiscal years by program and category of case.

G. Number of copies

Forward the original and one copy of your budget request to the regional office.

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