DI 39503.902 Program Management -- DDS

From a programmatic perspective, FY 1986 represented a year of change, uncertainty and challenge as the last provisions of the Disability Benefits Reform Act (DBRA) were implemented. Changing workloads, staffing and funding levels characterized the fiscal year. By contrast, FY 1987 represents a year of stability in terms of workloads, staffing and funding. In FY 1987, we will be challenged to find ways to improve our capacity to process cases and to contain and control expenditures for medical evidence and for other costs. It will be necessary to adjust staffing levels to achieve balance and equity in State productivity while ensuring a continuance of quality decisions.

FYs 1988 and 1989 will represent a continuation and an intensification of productivity and cost-effectiveness initiatives. Workload simplification and process streamlining will mark these budget years as years of progress and accomplishment in effective and efficient program administration. Staffing should be relatively stable during the budget years, resulting in a more experienced, efficient and productive workforce. Training efforts will be directed toward process refinement rather than toward training of extensive new staff.

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