TN 41 (06-23)

DI 39506.202 State Agency Report of Obligations for SSA Disability Programs - Form SSA-4513 and Form SSA-4513 Addendum

A. Policy for reporting current year obligations

Form SSA-4513 is required quarterly from each State agency. Obligations must be reported on a cumulative basis from the beginning of the fiscal year. The report should be accompanied by Form SSA-4513 Addendum, as appropriate, to report the status of unliquidated obligations; explain any adjustments; submit copy of indirect cost agreement, etc.

1. Filing instructions

Submit copies of each form (SSA-4513 and SSA-4513 Addendum) as follows:

  • the original (with signature) will be sent to the Regional Office; the Regional Office will set the due date for their states, and

  • the Regional Office will review and approve the original (with signature) and send to the SSA Central Office no later than the 5th day of the next month after the close of the quarter

2. Email Address

The SSA-4513 should be emailed to the ODD Funding Box ( with a cc to the Regional Analyst in ODD.

B. Policy for reporting prior years’ obligations

Obligations for prior years must be accounted for separately. Prepare a separate Form SSA-4513 on a quarterly basis for each fiscal year for which unliquidated obligations remain.

Each report will reflect the line item and the cumulative amounts from October 1 of the fiscal year to which it relates through the end of the current report period.

EXAMPLE: If at the beginning of fiscal year 2001, unliquidated obligations remain for fiscal years 1999 and 2000, two separate SSA-4513s would be submitted by October 30, 2000:

  • one covering obligations incurred during fiscal year 1999 (October 1, 1998 through September 30, 1999), and

  • one covering obligations incurred during fiscal year 2000 (October 1, 1999 through September 30, 2000).

The reports should clearly identify the fiscal year being reported.

C. Policy for reporting random current year transactions

ODD will randomly select a state each quarter to supply 3 transactions with their SSA-4513 submission.

ODD notifies (2 months in advance) the region when a state in their region is selected.

  • The state must provide the transactional level data to the region with their submission for review and approval.

  • The state can pick the transactions they supply.

ODD specifies the type of data requested and what system the data should come from such as an accounting system or an invoice.

  • Ensure you include the dates for the period you are submitting. For example, 2nd quarter is Jan-Mar so include transactions from those months.

  • The region provides ODD the transactional level data when the SSA-4513 is submitted.


The region or ODD may reach out for clarification if the data submitted does not support or clearly indicates what was submitted.


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