TN 46 (05-24)

DI 39506.260 Monthly Obligations Report and Responsibilities

A. Policy - Disability Determinations Services (DDS) Responsibility

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    The DDS provides the regional office (RO) with a Monthly Obligation Report (MOR) of actual and projected obligations for the cost categories reported on the quarterly State Agency Report of Obligation for SSA Disability Programs, SSA-4513. Categories include personnel costs, medical costs, indirect costs, and all other costs. The State categorizes and submits costs as required by SSA. See DI 29506.210 for a description of each reporting category.

    The DDS reports actual obligations for the most recent month ending and projected obligations for the two subsequent months. See DI 39506.200 for recording and reporting obligations. As part of the end of year budget scrub activities, the RO will notify the DDS to include three or more months of projected obligations.

    The DDS completes and submits their MOR and associated narrative via the elctronic MOR website, eMOR, and notifies the RO of the submission. The RO establishes the due date for the DDS to submit the MOR.

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    Narrative Explanation

    A written narrative associated with each MOR submission is required. The DDS should include an explanation for variance between projected and actual obligations and/or for costs not previously identified.

    The Monthly Obligation Report Analysis Tool (MORAT) shows the difference between the projected and actual obligations for each month. Narrative explanations must be provided for each cost category that exceeds the MOR variance percentage threshold established by the RO.

    The narrative must provide explanations for new obligational needs in the current fiscal year that was not previously submitted to the RO for review. Submitting new obligational needs in the MOR without prior SSA approval does not constitute as an approval. The DDS should notify the RO of new cost items or obligational needs via email for review and approval.

B. Policy - Regional Office Responsibility

Upon review of the DDS's MOR submission, the RO will either approve or return the MOR to the DDS for corrections and/or further justifications.

Once approved, the RO electronically submits the MORs to the Office of Disability Determinations (ODD) via the eMOR website and notifies ODD of the regional submission.

The MOR is due to ODD on the 25th of each succeeding month.

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