TN 30 (03-02)

DI 39506.260 Monthly Obligations Report and Forecast

A. Policy - DDS responsibility

The DDSs will provide the regional office with a monthly report of actual and projected obligations for the cost categories reported on the quarterly SSA-4513 (e.g., personnel costs, medical costs, indirect and all other non-personnel costs, etc.). The regional office establishes the due date for submitting the Monthly Obligations Report (MOR).

B. Policy - regional office responsibility

SSA central office will provide the regions with a recommended format for submitting the MOR report. The MOR is due 30-days after the close of each month. The reports should be submitted electronically via email to the appropriate fiscal analyst in the Office of Disability (OD), Division of Field Disability Operations (DFDO), Resource Management Branch (RMB).

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DI 39506.260 - Monthly Obligations Report and Forecast - 03/12/2002
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