DI 39515.001 Guidelines for Providing a QA Function

A. Policy principle

The State will provide quality assurance (QA) function to ensure that disability determinationsare made accurately and promptly.

NOTE: If a State agency fails to meet minimum standards of performance, SSA may impose specific requirements in the QA area as part of SSA's plan of delivering technical and management assistanceto improve their performance.

B. Operating policy

The State agency has maximum flexibility to design a QA function (or unit) that best suits the need of the agency as long as regulated performance standards are met.

C. Operating procedure

1. Budgeting

a. Workpower analysis

Indicate in your analysis, the QA staff and workyears needed (see DI 39503.220).

b. QA plan

Submit as part of your budget request, a QA plan that includes:

  • A complete explanation with support rationale of the staff and functions used for QA.

  • Justification for supporting the full range of QA activities if you plan to intensify or expand your QA activities.

2. Reporting

  1. a. 

    No specific reports are required other than your budget submittal, State Agency Operations Report and the State Agency Work Measurement System.

  2. b. 

    The regional office may require local reporting.

D. Related policy

The regional office can provide assistance or guidance as needed in the areas above.

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