TN 16 (03-02)

DI 39521.200 Staff Development Using Outside Resources

A. Definition

Outside Resources is any training or staff development resources outside the DDS where DDS costs are incurred beyond personnel salaries or a cost for bringing an outside expert into the agency to conduct training.

B. Policy

1. General

The DDS Administrator makes the selections for staff development using outside resources. The selection of participants must be consistent with applicable State personnel rules and policies.

2. Conditions

As a general rule, personnel must have at least 12 months of current and continuous service at the DDS and personnel must be considered full-time status.

NOTE: Medical consultants will generally not be authorized to attend regular academic courses at medical schools. However, where the State requires continuing education courses for relicensure of physicians, full-time members of the DDS medical consultant staff, will be eligible for selection.

The participants are subject to State rules and policies assuring appropriate participation and relating to recovery of funds expended--where the course is not successfully completed or the person leaves the agency soon after completing the experience where the agency is unable to realize benefits.

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