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DI 39521.430 Audiovisual Equipment - DDS

A. Introduction

Videotape presentations are becoming more widely used in delivery of training and administrative messages.

The SSA has developed and implemented a national Interactive Video TeleTraining (IVT) program that hosts a variety of sessions involving policy and programmatic issues, management and health issues, and other miscellaneous information. These sessions are available for interactive participation or may be videotaped for later self-paced viewing.

B. Video equipment

Standard videotape playback equipment may be purchased to support training initiatives. Where State purchasing procedures allow, video equipment may be purchased from GSA and can be obtained with the assistance of the regional office.

C. IVT equipment

1. Definition

The SSA IVT system is an interactive distance learning tool that brings the personal touch of the traditional classroom to distance learning classes, using video, audio and data communications so that a centrally located presenter can communicate with each member of the audience. Each DDS is equipped with a television monitor and some number of keypads. These keypads are part of a viewer response system that enables students to talk to the instructor and enables the instructor to obtain instantaneous feedback from the viewers.

2. Policy

SSA is responsible for providing IVT equipment to the site. This equipment consists of the following:

  • Cable connections

  • Downlink antenna (satellite dish)

  • Integrated receiver decoder(s) or IRD

  • Television set (TV)

  • Video cassette recorder (VCR)

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