TN 36 (10-23)

DI 39527.010 Lease Negotiations - DDS Office Space

A. Policy

RO concurrence

The DDS must obtain RO concurrence for any proposed lease because of the substantial liability to the Trust Fund for space acquired for the disability program.

Both the RO and central office must review and approve any State plans for physical moves to new space where decentralized offices are involved.

B. Procedure

1. General

Notify the RO in writing as early as possible whenever contemplating lease renewal, alternative sites or possible space acquisition upon expiration of the lease for existing space.

Assure that necessary documentation is obtained and that any lease proposed is properly evaluated in terms of necessity, adequacy, proposed use, cost and comparative value.

2. Coordination

Coordinate all actions with the RO to permit all parties, the DDS, the parent agency, or other agency or office responsible for lease arrangements, to coordinate all actions.

3. States with Decentralized Offices

If the office is to be decentralized:

  1. a. 

    Prepare an analysis of the benefits of decentralization upon expiration of a lease, regardless of whether the lease is for the main facility or a branch facility.

  2. b. 

    Submit  to the RO for approval.

    NOTE: If a DDS and disability hearings unit are not located in the same office, they are considered decentralized.

4. Funding

Notify the RO early to allow time for obtaining appropriate funding.

C. Reference

DI 39572.100 Decentralization

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