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DI 39530.020 DDS Responsibilities for Equipment

A. Policy

1. DDS responsibility

The State is responsible for maintenance and inventory of all equipment acquired—whether purchased through SSA or the State.

2. Quality/Cost

The quality and cost of equipment must not exceed that of similar office equipment in general use within other offices of the agency.

B. Procedure

1. Inventory

The equipment inventory must include for each item the following information:

  • Description

  • Source of funds used in purchase (e.g., State vs Federal)

  • Unit cost (applicable for State purchases only)

  • Inventory or serial number

  • Date purchased

  • Physical location, including building address and room or floor location

2. Label source of funds

Each item of equipment purchased from the Federal trust fund must be labeled to clearly identify the source of funds used for its purchase, i.e., SSA Trust Funds.

3. Right to records

The SSA/RO reserves the right to request copies of DDS inventory records.

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