20 CFR Parts 404 and 416, Sections 404.1633 and 416.1033

DI 39533.001 Intercomponent Review Draft (IRD) Process

A. Introduction

This transmittal explains the intercomponent review draft (IRD) process to be used for all transmittals, except those being rewritten during the POMS rewrite project. (Guidelines for the IRD process for rewrite transmittals have previously been issued, but are not in the POMS.)

B. Policy principles

1. Written guidelines

  1. SSA will provide the disability determination services (DDSs) with written guidelines necessary for carrying out their responsibilities in performing the disability determination function.

  2. The DDS will comply with the written guidelines in Part 04 of the Program Operations Manual System (POMS).

  3. POMS includes certain policies, procedures, operating instructions, and guides designated as advisory or discretionary.

2. Opportunity to participate

  1. A representative group of DDSs will be given an opportunity to participate in formulating disability program policies that have an affect on their role in carrying out the disability determination function.

  2. DDS's will also be given the opportunity to comment before changes are made in written guidelines unless delay in issuing a change may impair service to the public.

C. Operating policy

1. Request for review

  1. IRDs will be sent directly from Office of Disability (OD) to each reviewing component via Form SSA-240 (Request for Comments). (See exhibit in DI 39533.201).

  2. The number of reviewing components will be:

    • At least two regional offices (ROs); and

    • Five DDS sample groups on a rotational basis. (See exhibit in DI 39533.203).

    • If the proposed instructions are of such importance or interest, the number of reviewing components may be expanded.

  3. Reviewing components will be listed on the SSA-240.

2. Due dates

  1. Normally 45 days for DDS review.

  2. Review time may be shortened in some situations, e.g., court mandates or to meet implementation dates.

  3. Due dates will be specified on the SSA-240.

3. Forms used in process

  1. IRD DDS Resource Impact Assessment Form prepared by the author and completed by the reviewer (see exhibit in DI 39533.205).

  2. Comprehensive Index - Author Recommendation and User Comment Form (SSA-2405) prepared by the author and completed by the reviewer (see exhibit in DI 39533.207).

  3. Intercomponent Review Draft Checklist (SSA-1297-F4) completed by the reviewer (see exhibit in DI 39533.209).

D. Operating procedure

1. Review of IRDs

  1. Review for:

    • substance;

    • operational impact;

    • resource impact.

  2. Complete Form SSA-1297-F4. Written comments may also be submitted on Form SSA-240, in a memorandum, or directly on the draft transmittal.

  3. Complete the SSA-2405 and IRD DDS Resource Impact Assessment Form.

2. Submission of comments

  1. Send to:
    SSA, Office of Disability (OD)
    Attention: OD POMS Coordinator
    3-K-24 Operations Building
    6401 Security Boulevard
    Baltimore, MD 21235-6401

  2. Send copies to your SSA RO.

E. Related policy

1. General

Questions and comments received from the DDSs which require response or clarification will be handled through ROs.

2. Preparation of final instructions

All comments will be considered during the preparation of final instructions.

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