DI 39536.203 EDP Definitions -- DDS

(See DI 39536.210.)

A. EDP system

In the broad definition of general systems theory, a system is a whole comprising interrelated parts intended to accomplish a specific objective. Thus, a computer system is made up of hardware components such as the central processor unit, card reader, disk drives, and tape drives, and software components such as the operating system software and compiler programs. The components interact to accomplish the objective of processing computer jobs.

A DDS EDP system's computer may be a mainframe, minicomputer, or microcomputer. It may be physically located in the DDS, or it may belong to another agency, and be linked to the DDS via telecommunications. Word processing equipment, which can be programmed to produce management information, is considered to be a computer. Computer jobs may include, but are not limited to, case control, CE processing, including vendor selection, preparation of vouchers, notices and fiscal reporting, automatic letterwriting, personnel files, quality assurance selection and reports, equipment inventory, supply inventory, etc.

B. System upgrade

An upgrade to an EDP system is the addition of hardware or software similar to that already in place. The demands on an EDP system frequently increase throughout its life cycle due to workload growth and greater complexity of applications programs. To meet these increased demands, the DDS may need to upgrade a system by adding additional workstations, printers, auxiliary storage, or CPU memory. Similarly, changes in SSA's program requirements, such as the revisions to the SAOR, may necessitate developing additional software.

C. System expansion

System expansion is the development of applications to perform functions not previously performed by the system. Expansion may be part of a long-term system development plan, or may arise from newly perceived needs, changes in disability program requirements, or technological advances that make automation of new functions feasible. (See DI 39536.210).

D. System replacement

System replacement is the development of a new EDP system to replace an existing system that has reached the end of its life cycle. (See DI 39536.210).

E. EDP costs

EDP costs are those nonpersonnel costs associated with the acquisition and operation of EDP systems to include: EDP equipment, Computer Science Corporation charges, direct charges from all sources for EDP, and programming services and software.

If EDP equipment maintenance is billed or contracted separately, it should be reported in the miscellaneous category. (See DI 39536.210).

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