DI 39536.210 Documentation Requirements for EDP Proposals -- DDS

The basic reason for preparing the documentation for EDP proposals is to provide information to support the acquisition of the new system or of changed capability of the existing system. The documentation should show that sound management and systems principles were applied; reasonable options considered; cost/benefit analysis prepared; and studies were conducted showing that the proposed system or changes are feasible in terms of DDS and SSA systems and programs.

Guidelines, in the format suggested (see DI 39536.240, Exhibit I), can be used with data flow diagrams to support documentation. The diagrams can be used to describe current operations in the DDS. They can also be used to draw boundaries between separate processing areas within the DDS and can be useful when determining which areas should be automated or improved. Timelines can be drawn to show in what order the automation or changes should occur (phase-in plan). (See DI 39536.205B.) A cost benefit analysis should also be submitted.

There are five basic areas that must be covered in the documentation requirements for a proposal. The level of detail will vary with the size and complexity of the proposed system or system change. When the DDS is required to prepare documentation for State purposes, the same documentation can also be used for SSA clearances as long as the basic information is provided.

The five basic areas to be covered are:

A. State the current situation

Include any problems and cause/effect conditions. Define the goals and solutions.

B. List the options

Include the systems alternatives and the nonsystems approach. Describe the effect of leaving the situation as is.

C. Assess the options

Provide an explanation of the criteria used in terms of performance, timeliness, and cost to implement and maintain. Describe how the alternatives relate to the life of the present system.

D. Select the option

Provide an explanation of the final choice among the alternatives and the factors which were used in the decision. Explain the effects of this alternative on the DDS and State management structures, training, personnel, and procedures.

E. Plan the implementation

Include dates to acquire and maintain the chosen alternative. Use timeline charts if necessary. If future plans to expand a current system are known, indicate these plans.

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