DI 39536.235 Submittal of Proposals for Systems Projects -- DDS

When DDS management has approved the functional requirements for an EDP system at the conclusion of the study phase, a request to proceed with the design and development phases will be submitted to the regional commissioner. The submission will include documentation required by DI 39536.210, DI 39536.240 and DI 39536.400 and any additional documentation needed to support the request. The DDS should be working on the system project closely with the regional office throughout the study phase. There should be mutual understanding of the specific documentation requirements. (See DI 39536.240 and DI 39536.400, also PM 00240.325).

A. Regional office approval

The regional office has authority to approve system upgrades and system expansions pursuant to previously approved EDP plans. Regional Commissioners have authority to review and approve purchase of computers and word processors up to $5,000 annually.

B. Central office approval

If the regional office decides to pursue a proposed DDS systems project, which is outside the scope of its approved authority, the proposal and supporting documentation will be forwarded to the Office of Disability for review.

The Deputy Commissioner, Systems, has the authority to authorize procurement of EDP software and equipment, agency-wide. The authority to purchase resides in the Office of Acquisition and Grants.

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