DI 39536.400 Conducting Systems Analysis and Feasibility Studies

Selection of the proper personnel is vital to the success of systems analysis and feasibility studies. It is recommended that a team approach be used, but the ultimate choice as to who will perform the study will be made by the DDS. The team should be comprised of representatives from systems, operations, quality assurance and administrative services. Both top management and line personnel should be included as part of the team. In the absence of available systems personnel within the State agency or within the State, the DDS should not hesitate to request assistance from the regional commissioner.

The study personnel should be under the direction of the upper levels of DDS management and the personnel within the DDS must be informed as to their specific function and authority. The ability to cut across organization lines is a necessity if the study personnel are to function effectively. All related facets of the DDSs operation should be investigated and free access to information should be afforded the study personnel. The total review responsibility should not be assigned to one individual, since one person rarely has the time or knowledge to perform an effective study. However, this is a decision each DDS will have to consider.

Personnel detailed to the study should be committed on a full time basis. Part time participation generally is ineffective. However, even a well-managed feasibility study may require several months to complete.

Use of outside resources can provide valuable input, but they will not be as oriented to the DDS operation as its own people. Thus, if the DDS has in-house talent to carry out an effective study, it should be used.

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