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DI 39539.009 SSA Online Supply Ordering System -- DDS

A. Introduction

The Online Supply Ordering System is an interactive—real time—SSA Intranet application that displays current stock and quantities available in the SSA supply warehouse at the time of order. The system allows offices to order forms, publications, and supplies directly from the SSA supply warehouse. The system maintains each office's profile information (e.g., office code, office name, address, contact, password access, etc.).

B. Procedure

Some office supplies—designated for DDS use (e.g., envelopes)--are available to the DDS through the SSA Online Supply Ordering System.

The DDS should inventory supplies on hand at least 2-weeks prior to scheduled requisition date to determine quantity needs.

Assure that quantity ordered meets projected needs for a full 5-month period until the next requisitioning date. Order sufficient quantity to avoid interim or emergency requisitions.

In addition, users may consult SSA Supply System (SSSS) Catalog to determine if item is authorized for DDS usage. This catalog is available online via SSA Intranet--at the Center for Supply Management web address:

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