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DI 39539.013 SSA Customer Service -- DDS

A. Introduction

The SSA Center for Supply Management offers:

  • a Customer Service Desk at (410) 965-2034 that can be used to place infrequent non-emergency supplies, and

  • a Supply Emergency Desk at (410) 965-2039 that can be used to place emergency requisitions.

    Information regarding the Customer Service and Supply Emergency Desk is available at the following web address:

B. Procedure

1. Interim requisitions

Interim requisitions may be submitted for:

  • items in short supply because of unexpected demands resulting from program changes,

  • quantities that will not last until the next scheduled requisition delivery date, and

  • inadequate initial distribution amounts of new items.


      Make interim requests in multiples of 10 items.


      Submit order via the Online Supply Ordering System or the Customer Service Desk at (410) 965-2034.

2. Emergency requisitions

Emergency requisitions may be submitted to avoid or prevent work stoppages. Every effort should be made to obtain or borrow materials from nearby components or through the SSA regional office before submitting an emergency requisition.

Contact the SSA Emergency Supply Desk at (410) 965-2039. Limit emergency requests to no more than 3 items per call. Furnish the following information when calling the help desk:

  • circumstances of call

  • item control number (ICN)

  • form or stock number

  • quantity required

  • DDS office code

  • office phone number, and

  • caller's name.

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