TN 21 (03-02)

DI 39539.015 Receiving SSA Supply Shipment -- DDS

A. Process

The SSA Online Supply Ordering System automatically provides the requesting facility with an email message outlining their order requirements. The email message also provides a web hyper-link for customers to track their orders.

The Office of Supply and Warehouse Management (OSWM) sends a warehouse packing list of the items processed for shipment and status of the order (e.g., back ordered or out of stock).

B. Procedure

1. Check shipment

Inspect the supply shipment immediately upon receipt. Verify that the addressee is shown on the label and the number of cartons is shown on the bill of lading. Ensure that all cartons arrived in good condition.

2. Acceptance

Sign the original bill of lading, note any discrepancies found, and release to carrier.

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