DI 39542.025 Budget and Fiscal Requirements.

A. Operating policy

  1. a. 

    Contracting out costs are those associated with the acquisition of services normally performed by DDS personnel, e.g., medical transcriptions, word processing, voucher processing, etc.

  2. b. 

    Excluded from contracting out costs are those costs for:

    • contract medical consultants which should be included under personnel costs;

    • building maintenance costs which should be included under occupancy costs.

  3. c. 

    Includes non-EDP equipment maintenance costs.

B. Operating procedures

1. Budgeting

  1. a. 

    Include information about contracting out DDS functions in both the quarterly spending plan and the annual budget submission as a separate line item.

  2. b. 

    Include in the annual budget submission an estimate of workpower that has been contracted out and a description of how this workpower was calculated. (This estimate is for work customarily performed by the DDS, e.g., for transcribing services as opposed to such work as equipment and building maintenance, guard services, etc.)

  3. c. 

    Do not include indirect costs with direct cost budget items. See OASC-10 (Cost Principles and Procedures for Establishing Cost Allocation Plans and Indirect Cost Rates for Grants and Contracts with the Federal Government) for guidelines pertaining to the calculation, allocation, and submission of indirect cost proposals.

2. Fiscal

Include contracting out costs on the SSA-4513 (State Agency Report of Obligations for SSA Disability Programs) under “All other Nonpersonnel Costs” and, on the Monthly Obligations Report under the “Other Costs” category.

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