TN 24 (07-91)

DI 39542.225 Facilities and Equipment -- DDS

A. Introduction

This section provides guidelines for the operation of the medical provider's facilities equipment.

B. Policy

1. Facilities and staffing

The medical provider must agree to:

  1. Provide an adequate number of physicians, nurses and technicians for the work to be done,

  2. Maintain only the operations and records required to fulfill its contractual arrangement with the DDS,

  3. Conduct the examinations during reasonable business hours,

  4. Prepare CE reports and medical source statements on a timely basis, per DI 22510.060, and

  5. Submit to periodic reviews of its operation and staff by the DDS, SSA or its representative.

NOTE: Saturday appointments may be scheduled for the convenience of the claimant.

2. Equipment

Medical Equipment Must:

  1. Be adequate  and sufficient space must be available to conduct the CE.

  2. Be calibrated  to adhere to manufacturer's guidelines and SSA's requirements.

  3. Meet State health and safety requirements, be maintained in good working order and kept clean.

3. Environmental factors

The facility must have:

  1. Comfortable lighting, room temperature and ventilation.

  2. A sanitary environment sufficient to assure infection control (needles, insects, etc.)

  3. Access that is clean and free of any defects that are a hazard to the claimant (i.e. there must be wheelchair access).

  4. Adequately-sized waiting rooms with sufficient seating.

  5. Rest rooms equipped for handicapped access.

  6. Premises that meet Federal, state and local building, fire and safety codes.

  7. Security arrangements such as guards or alarm systems.

  8. Locked storage for drugs and biologicals.

4. Ancillary testing

  1. Ancillary testing must be performed according to sound medical practice and with appropriate medical staff.

  2. The contractor must be prepared to provide necessary testing.

  3. If the laboratory testing or radiology services are to be subcontracted, the provider must assure the laboratory has met all proficiency testing and licensure rules.

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