DI 39557.003 Current Performance Standards — DDS

A. Policy principle

1. General

Performance standards are measured in three areas of claims processing.

  • Combined titles II and XVI initial claims accuracy.

  • Title II initial processing time.

  • Title XVI initial processing time.

2. Chart

Target Level
Represents performance SSA and the DDS will work mutually to attain. This is the optimum level performance.
37 days for title II initial claims.
43 days for title XVI initial claims.
97 percent for combined title II and title XVI cases with a corresponding decision accuracy rate of 99 percent

Intermediate Level
Represents level of performance between the threshold and target levels.

SSA will negotiate annually with the DDS to establish these goals designed to help the State reach target levels.

Threshold Level
Represents minimum acceptable level specified by regulations.
49.5 days for title II initial.
57.9 days for title XVI initial claims.
90.6 percentfor combined title II and title XVI cases.

NOTE: Accuracy threshold refers to the percentage of cases that are not returned to the DDS for further development or correction of decision.

B. Operating policy

PERFORMANCE LEVEL 1Includes those DDS that are meeting or moving toward target levels.
PERFORMANCE LEVEL 2Includes DDSs whose performance is above threshold levels but not successful in meeting intermediate goals.
PERFORMANCE LEVEL 3Includes DDSs whose performance is below one, two, or three threshold levels for one calendar quarter.
PERFORMANCE LEVEL 4Includes DDSs whose performance falls below any one threshold for two consecutive quarters.
PERFORMANCE LEVEL 5Includes DDSs whose performance falls below two threshold levels, one of which is the accuracy threshold, for two consecutive calendar quarters.

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