DI 39557.011 Guides for Monitoring DDS Performance

A. Operating policy

The DDS should:

1. Performance monitoring

•  maintain a continuous performance monitoring systemto carry out its responsibilites for making timely and accurate disability determinations.

•  use all management information data, QA review results, and findingsfrom internal organization and workflow analysis.

•  work closely with its parent agencyand the SSA regional staffto ensure timely and appropriate actions are taken to maintain satisfactory performance and meet disability program goals and objectives.

2. Performance management program

  1. a. 

    Each DDS should develop and implementa comprehensive performancemanagementprogram.

  2. b. 

    The program design should:

    • enable the DDS to achieveand sustaina level of performance consistent with SSA disability program objectives and operating goals; and

    • exhibit flexibilityto accommodate changes resulting from legislations, court actions, significant workload fluctuations, and operational demands.

B. Operating policy--management information

Timelymanagement information reports often provide the first indication of potential problem areas.

1. Special reports

DDS management may wish to develop special purpose reportsto monitor specific areas.

EXAMPLE:A work station processing report may reveal inordinate delays in folder movement followup practices, querying of workloads, and similar problems that adversely impact on processing time.

2. Information sharing

Effective management information techniques should be shared among other DDS staff through the Management Forum Clearinghouseand at regional or national meetings and conferences.

Communicationscan be achieved in many ways.


  • Regional meetings involving DDS administrators.

  • Regionally-sponsored training onsite in DDS.

  • Special purpose visits to other DDSs.

  • Using personnel from a high performing DDS to participate in reviews of specialized areas.

  • DDS Management Forum participation, etc.

ROs will work with the DDS to determine the most effective way to handle meetings, training, and visits that are inter-State or inter-Regional.

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