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DI 39563.200 Public Law 96-265



SSA will not become involved in the States' ongoing management of the disability program except as necessary and in accordance with the regulations. Therefore, inherent in carrying out State responsibilities under the regulations is a requirement that the State establish and maintain adequate and responsive internal management controls and reporting mechanisms.


Workload and Management Controls

To enhance its capacity to comply with the regulations, the DDS needs necessary workload controls so that disability determinations are made accurately and promptly. Management controls also are needed to assure that the DDS has a responsive organizational structure, adequate facilities, qualified personnel, medical consultant services and a quality assurance function. The State also must provide adequate controls to assure that all applicants for, and recipients of, benefits are treated equally and courteously.


Records and Reports

The State is responsible for furnishing reports and records relating to the administration of the disability program for budget submittals, and for cooperating in the conduct of audits; consequently, appropriate reporting and fiscal controls must be utilized to achieve these objectives. In accounting for all property used for disability program purposes an appropriate inventory and control mechanism is required.


Security Controls

Likewise, security controls and measures must be established that will provide for safeguarding the records created by the State in performing the disability determination function. Management must establish and maintain controls needed to assure compliance with those provisions of the Federal law, regulations, and other written guidelines that apply to the States in performing the disability determination function.


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DI 39563.200 - Public Law 96-265 - 01/23/1990
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