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DI 39563.410 Workload Management Controls--Overview

Workload management essentially involves a series of controls designed for the effective monitoring of all stages of claims processing the DDS. The workload controls should provide timely and meaningful identification of potential problem areas thereby enabling the agency to take remedial actions at the earliest possible time. The primary purpose of these workload management controls is to enable the DDS to achieve established accuracy and processing time goals consistent with regulatory objectives. The guides are therefore presented with a view toward sharing the DDS management some techniques and approaches for attaining mutual Federal-State goals.

The DDS's should systematically review operations and identify opportunities for improvement. Quality assurance reviews and studies conducted on an ongoing basis, supervisory task forces, and ad hoc groups should be used by DDS administrators to identify backlogs, bottlenecks, development lags, and inefficient equipment, work patterns and processes. DDS efforts should also focus on identifying innovative techniques in caseload management, case development and case processing activities. Such investigations, if properly carried out, should identify areas with high potential for improving operations and enhancing service to disability claimants.

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