DI 39569.000 Program Integrity

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 39569.001Program Integrity IntroductionTN 3 01-12
DI 39569.100Conflict of InterestTN 3 01-12
DI 39569.200The Social Security Administration (SSA) Program Integrity StandardsTN 4 10-15
DI 39569.300Disability Determination Services Requirements for Ensuring Proper Licensures, Credentials, and Exclusions of Consultative Examination (CE) Providers, CE Provider’s Employees, Medical and Psychological Consultants (MC/PC)TN 4 10-15
DI 39569.400Exhibit 1 - License and Credentials Certification for Consultative Examination Provider and Certification of All Support StaffTN 3 01-12
DI 39569.600Violations and Fraud in the Social Security Administration Programs and OperationsTN 3 01-12

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