Basic (12-10)

DI 40101.020 Railroad (RR) Case Processing

The Great Lakes Program Service Center’s Disability Processing Branch (GLPSC-DPB) processes:

  • dual eligibility claims for all career RR and surviving dependent Railroad (RR) annuitants, and

  • joint freeze cases.

    NOTE: These cases require coordination with the Railroad Retirement Board.

The Field Office (FO) takes the initial claim(s) in EDCS and transfers to GLPSC-DPB (V32) for processing. Upon completion, GLPSC-DPB returns the case to the FO for final processing and adjudication.

See Also:

  • GLPSC-DPB instructions for processing career RR and joint freeze cases, see DI 44001.000

  • GLPSC-DPB processing of joint-freeze cases, see DI 44005.000

  • FO instructions for processing career RR, see DI 11050.000

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