TN 16 (05-93)

DI 40505.015 Alert Followup

A. Introduction

Followup diaries are produced if the MBR shows a CDIO date, indicating that a CDR has started but has not been completed.

B. Reference

SM 01305.825

C. Procedure

1. Categorize by Age of Diary

Category A: 1-5 month diaries

Category B: 6-11 month diaries

Category C: 12 month and over diaries

2. Category A

Discard; no action necessary for diaries under 6 months old.

3. Categories B & C

  1. a. 

    Determine folder location - review FLI on diary, and/or case control query.

  2. b. 

    Folder location MODS or Dorm, and

    • CDR done; Form SSA-832-U3, SSA-833-U3, or SSA-3500 prepared within last 60 days - Discard diary.

    • CDR done; forms completed over 60 days ago - Input CDIEand other date on SSA-3500 (SM 01305.825).

    • No evidence CDR done - Take CDR action per DI 40505.001.

  3. c. 

    Folder location is External (other than FO or DDS):

    • Request folder be retuned to PC.

    • When folder received, follow b. above.

  4. d. 

    Folder is in the FO or DDS; and diary is:

    • Category B - discard

    • Category C - Bundle and forward the folder location via SSA-5526-U3 or SSA-847-U3.

    Annotate the routing form “CDR outstanding 12 months or more. Case control system indicates folder in your office. Please determine folder location and status of CDR. Expedite CDR if still outstanding. Listings of all 12 and 21 month followup diaries are forwarded to the RO. After your action is taken, destroy transmittal form and followup diary.”

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