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DI 41001.001 Component Responsibilities

A. Policy — Field Office

The FO develops work activity issues in initial and CDR cases. Generally, this development will consist of an SSA-821-F4 or SSA-820-F4, SSA-454-BK and, in CDR cases where the prior work was not adequately documented at the time of initial adjudication, details regarding the prior work.

In all initial cases, the FO makes the SGA determination and prepares an SSA-831-U3. The FO can make and effectuate CDR determinations for all stat blind beneficiaries under age 55. The PC is responsible for all CDR determinations for stat blind beneficiaries who are age 55 or older. See DI 13010.135.

B. Policy — DDS

The DDS determines initial and continuing eligibility with respect to the medical aspects of a case. It resolves the comparability issue in initial and reconsideration cases and in continuing disability cases where there is a medical issue.

C. Policy — ODIO/PSC-DRS

In CDR cases, these components review the FO's proposed SGA determination and complete the SSA-833-U3. The PC will also afford due process and suspend benefits when required. In CDR cases involving stat blind individuals age 55 and older with no medical issue, they resolve the comparability issue. In cases where a statutorily blind individual in freeze status stops engaging in SGA and files for DIB, ODO/PSC-DRS/ODIO/PSC-DRS prepares the SSA-833-U3 determination.

NOTE: Since current freeze status exists, the case is considered a DIB attainment decision. An SSA-833 determination is appropriate for the initial non-medical claim required to award cash benefits.

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