Basic (03-86)

DI 42001.001 General

ODO/PSC DE will receive trailer material after a determination has been made. When the new material (e.g., evidence, applications, correspondence, etc.) is received, the material is screened in the module and forwarded as appropriate. New applications are referred to the initial DE. Formal requests for reconsideration on medical/vocational issues are sent to the RECONE (ODO) or DEC (DRS). Any correspondence which contains an implied request for reconsideration on the aforementioned issues is also referred to the RECONE/DEC. These implied requests will only raise an issue when the correspondence definitely shows the claimant wants us to review the initial determination.

Controlled correspondence is forwarded directly to the inquiries specialist.

The following chart provides a general guide to responsibility for processing additional material that is received after initial and reconsideration determinations. DI 42001.010-DI 42001.015 contain specific instructions for processing such material.

NOTE: “Initial” determination as used here includes cessations.

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