TN 42 (08-95)

DI 42521.015 Obtaining Folders

A. Policy

ODIO and/or NEPSC will search for and retrieve all Title II and/or Title XVI medical claim folders needed to determine class membership for Dixon responders (see B.2. below).

B. Procedure

1. Determining folder location

  1. a. 

    Examine the case control query in the alert/query package to determine the existence and location of the folder(s) and verify the SSN.

  2. b. 

    If none of the queries and/or alert yield a folder location, examine the MBR/SSR and STALE record to verify that the SSN is correct.

  3. c. 

    If there is no record under that SSN, forward the alert/query package to the Dixon screener per DI 42521.020B.2.

2. Folder retrieval

  1. a. 

    Locate and retrieve all available title II and/or title XVI medical folders within the Dixon time period (6/1/76 through 7/19/ 83), as well as all subsequent claims (even if they involve favorable determinations), except the folders pending in the DDS or OHA.

    NOTE: In concurrent title II/title XVI claim situations, do not request the title XVI folder if the title II folder contains the medical evidence.

    • Associate all multiple claims folders.

    • Place the alert/query package and folder search documentation in a manila holder and attach it to the front cover of the folder, and

    • Prong file the reply form on the right side of the folder and forward the folder(s) to Dixon screener (see DI 42521.020B.3.).

  2. b. 

    If the folder(s) is not in ODIO files:

    • Request the folder(s) from FRC, Wilkes-Barre, FO or other PC storage location(s) as needed, and

    • Control and follow-up on the original request as needed.

  3. c. 

    If a current claim is pending in the FO, DDS or OHA and the prior Dixon claim(s) is not located:

    • Contact the FO, DDS or OHA to determine if the prior folder(s) is associated with the pending claim(s).

      NOTE: When a claim is pending in the New York ODD and that claim file contains medical evidence from the Dixon timeframe, the New York ODD will do the screening. If a claim is pending in OHA, OHA will perform the screening for class membership.

    • If a prior folder is associated with a pending claim, forward the alert to the DDS or OHA. Annotate the alert “Associate with Claim Pending in Your Office - Dixon Class Membership Determination Necessary per DI 32521.030.6.”

      If the pending folder is located in OHA, send the alert/query package to:

      OHA, OAO, Class Action Coordinator

      One Skyline Tower, Suite 701

      5107 Leesburg Pike

      Falls Church, VA 22041-3200

    • If the prior folder is with a pending claim in the FO, advise the FO to send the folder to ODIO and/or NEPSC for screening.

    • If the prior folder is not associated with the pending claim(s), follow 3. below.

    • If the claim is pending in federal court, forward the alert to OHA at the address above.

  4. d. 

    Forward all retrieved folders to the Dixon screener (see DI 42521.020B.3.).

3. Folder(s) cannot be located

If the Dixon folder(s) is not located within 120 days of the alert date:

  • Prepare a “duplicate” folder jacket to house the reply form, alert, related queries, and documentation of attempts to locate Dixon folder(s); and

  • Forward folder(s) to the Dixon screener (see DI 42521.020B.4.).

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