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DI 43510.025 Reviewing Reports of Consultative Examinations

Assume in the absence of any indication to the contrary that a foreign medical report was completed by or based upon the report of a qualified medical practitioner. If there is a question about the qualifications of the source, request the FSP to verify the qualifications of the source, unless the case can be adjudicated without the foreign medical report. When requesting verification of qualifications from the FSP, include in the same request any additional disability or nondisability development which may be necessary.

The medical report should include a history, examination, pertinent requested laboratory findings (e.g, pulmonary function studies and tracings), discussions and conclusions. The examining physician should provide medical facts as well as a medical assessment (based on the physician's own findings) which should describe the individual's ability to do work-related activities but not an opinion as to whether the claimant is disabled under the meaning of the law, since the physician may not be familiar with the requirements of the law. (See DI 22510.060 for details on report content requirements of specific medical specialties.) The consulting physician should sign and date the report.

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DI 43510.025 - Reviewing Reports of Consultative Examinations - 01/23/1990
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