Basic (03-86)

DI 43520.005 SSA-423A-U5 (Follow-up Request to Department of State)

A. Use

The SSA-423A-U5 is to be used to follow up on initial or supplemental SSA-423-U6 requests, reply to requests for advice from the FSP, and to cancel requests when the evidence or assistance is no longer needed.

B. Preparation

Prepare and distribute an original and three copies as follows: Original to the FSP (attach a copy of the original SSA-423-U6 to the follow-up), one copy to Office of Data Development, OMBP, one copy for the case folder, and one copy for the DO when appropriate.

C. Entries

These entries should duplicate the entries on the original request (see B. above). Be sure to check the appropriate box to indicate whether this action is a follow-up, a reply to request for advice, or cancellation.

D. Enclosures

Copies of medical evidence or comments by the Medical Consultant Staff previously transmitted need not be furnished again.

(See Exhibit B. in DI 43520.070 for an example of the SSA-423A-U5)

E. Routing

Route the SSA-423A-U5 to the section secretary or other designated person.

F. Folder disposition

Return the folder to the MOD files pending receipt of requested development (See DI 43510.070 for diary instructions.)

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