Basic (03-86)

DI 43525.010 Initial Claim - SGA Denials

All SGA denials on INTPSC jurisdiction claims, whether made by the domestic DO or SGA specialist, will be reviewed by a disability examiner as described in DI 11010.140. The DO or SGA specialist will prepare an SSA-831-U5 and denial notice. The disability examiner will release the notice and strip the SSA-831-U5.

A. Routing by FDE

SGA determinations prepared by domestic DO's and by the CDB SGA specialist in Philippine cases will be routed to the MOD CA for preparation of an SSA-3428-U2.

B. Routing - All Others

All other completed SGA determinations will be routed to a CDB claims adjudicator for preparation of the SSA-3428-U2.

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DI 43525.010 - Initial Claim - SGA Denials - 09/10/2012
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