DI DEN43525.015 Processing CDRS

See DI 43525.015

The Disability Determinations Branch in OIO is responsible for screening medical CDR alerts prior to initiating a CDR. When a CDR is appropriate for a Canadian resident, the folder will be sent to the FO to initiate the CDR. The FO will obtain completion of the necessary forms and forward the case to the DDS for development of medical evidence and preparation of a proposed decision (SSA-832/833). The FO should use their discretion as to the appropriateness of a face-to-face interview. Each case should be processed on its own merits.

The DDS will process the case as they would any other CDR case and complete an SSA-832/833 with the proposed decision. The SSA-832/833 will not be signed by either the DDS examiner or the physician. The requirements specified in DI DEN43525.020C that a physician provide folder documentation in certain cases apply.

Upon completing its actions, the DDS will return the disability folder to:

PO BX 17194
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

The DDS will not release any CDR notices. The DDS will prepare a rationale, if appropriate, but will not release any notices to the claimant. The due process notification and final notice will be prepared and released by OIO.

If purchase of medical evidence is necessary, the DDS should follow the instructions outlined in DI DEN43525.020B.

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