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DI 43530.005 Disclosure of Social Security Information--FAM 241.2

Information in the possession of a post which concerns a social security claimant or beneficiary may not be disclosed to anyone--even to another U.S. government official or agency--except as expressly authorized by SSA. Any unauthorized disclosure would constitute a violation of law (42 U.S.C. 1306(a)).

Thus, posts may not furnish to any person, or to any foreign or U.S. government agency, information that could be used to identify individuals who are receiving social security benefits. Nor may posts disclose information such as date of birth, marital history, medical history, employment history, or the like, concerning any social security claimant or beneficiary.

There is no prohibition against disclosure of general information which is published elsewhere, such as the number of recipients of social security benefits in particular countries or the total amount of social security benefits paid in particular countries.

Disclosure of information may be authorized under certain circumstances. Any request for such information should be referred to SSA for advice on whether the information may be disclosed under the particular circumstances. If time is an important factor, teletype directly to SSA.

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DI 43530.005 - Disclosure of Social Security Information--FAM 241.2 - 01/23/1990
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