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DI 44005.025 Processing Reconsiderations on Joint Freeze Cases

Once a joint freeze determination is finalized, the claimant has the right to appeal the decision. Since the claimant is already receiving disability benefits from the RRB, he or she usually appeals to RRB, who will process the reconsideration on the joint freeze case. However, if the request for reconsideration is filed with SSA, the field office should forward the request with any additional evidence to:

P O Box 87755
Chicago IL 60680-0955
“Do Not Open in Mailroom”

Upon receipt of the request for reconsideration, the GLPSC-DPB specialist will:

  • Prepare and send a letter telling the claimant that RRB will process the reconsideration and notify him or her of their determination. A copy of the letter is available in DPB LETTERS – Railroad Cases: “Recon Req on Jt Fz Denial.”

  • Send the reconsideration request plus any evidence to RRB via Form SSA-415 (Notice of Disability Determination and Transmittal).

The reconsideration case will be sent for GLPSC-DPB review in a future joint freeze shipment. If the RRB’s Reconsideration section determines that the claimant is disabled for a joint freeze, the same rules will be followed as in DI 44005.005A and either DI 44005.010A or DI 44005.020, as applicable. Reconsideration cases must be reviewed by a different GLPSC-DPB specialist and Medical Consultant/Psychological Consultant (MC/PC).

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