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DI 52120.275 Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation (WC)

A. Policy on Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation (WC)

  • Wisconsin's reverse offset plan applies to temporary total, temporary partial, permanent total and permanent partial or lump sum WC payments effective 07/1/1980.

  • Remove, or do not impose, offset effective 7/1980 on.

  • Code the case “RJ.”

  • Offset for any LS award made before 7/1/1980.

NOTE: Per instructions in DI 52105.001E.1. "Verifying the existence of reverse offset plans," an allegation of receipt of Wisconsin WC does not require verification. If the amount of WC is unknown, but must be coded to propagate the MCS screen path, input the WC State maximum rate as of the date of injury and include a remark in MCS to explain the WC rate coded.

B. References

  • DI 52105.001B - Reverse Offset Plans

  • DI 52105.001E - Verifying Reverse Offset Plans

  • DI 52165.010 - How to Complete WC/PDB ICF Screens

  • Wisconsin Workers' Compensation site:

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