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DI 52130.025 Field Office (FO)/Processing Center (PC) Input of the Civil Service Public Disability Benefits (CSPDB) Indicator

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data match validates against the CSPDB indicator on the CIV SER line of the master beneficiary record (MBR) to determine whether a public disability benefit (PDB) offset currently applies to the Federal PDB. The data match uses the indicator to generate the appropriate post-entitlement alerts in the PC.

A. When to annotate the CSPDB indicator

Code the CSPDB indicator for every case involving an OPM administered federal PDB in order to provide the data match process with accurate information and ensure the integrity of the OPM alert workload.

EXCEPTION: Do not code the indicator for FERS pensions that are not offsettable.

B. How to code the CSPDB indicator

The appropriate codes should be:

1 = if offset applies; or

1 = if offsettable PDB applies but the High ACE precludes offset; and

2 = if offset does not apply (Input only via MACADE or, if deleting WC/PDB Data, via ICF).

The code can be annotated in one of two ways:

  • In ICF WC by completing the CSPDB field on the WC/PDB OFFSET – DISPOSITION (WCDA) screen, or

  • In MACADE via the Civil Service Payments (CS) screen (see SM 00842.028 MACADE CS Screen).

The Modernized Claims System (MCS) does not annotate the CSPDB code. Therefore, when initial claims involving CSRS or offsettable FERS disability benefits are triggered through MCS without an ICF entry, the processing center (PC) must take a MACADE action in order to annotate the code.

C. Systems response when CSPDB is input

The CSPDB field updates and overwrites the CSPDB code in the CIV SER field of the MBR. The indicator only needs to be coded once for each case but can be changed or corrected if necessary. When coding the indicator in ICF, it is important to note that the CSPDB field on the ICF WCDA screen is not connected to the programming logic used to compute benefit rates. The indicator of “2” will not stop offset from being imposed. Therefore, if the Federal PDB is not offsettable, do not code it in ICF.

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