DI 52706.000 Dennard Acquiescence Ruling

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 52706.001General Information on the Dennard RulingBASIC 08-00
DI 52706.005Scope of the Dennard ARBASIC 08-00
DI 52706.010How the Dennard AR AppliesBASIC 08-00
DI 52706.015FO ResponsibilitiesBASIC 08-00
DI 52706.020DDS AdjudicationBASIC 08-00
DI 52706.025PC ResponsibilitiesBASIC 08-00
DI 52706.030Exhibits - Notices For Denying Requests For Readjudication Under the Dennard ARBASIC 08-00

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