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DI 55002.015 Ticket Selections and Mailings

A. Process – phase 1 ticket selections

SSA will perform a systems run to select the initial group of beneficiaries/recipients who are ticket-eligible and live in one of the Phase 1 locations (see DI 55002.005C.8.). After the initial selection, the system will identify newly eligible beneficiaries/recipients on a daily basis and mail tickets to them on a monthly basis (see DI 55002.015B and DI 55002.015C).

B. Process – staged distribution during first 5 months of phase 1

SSA will conduct a four-phase staged distribution of tickets during the first 5 months of the Ticket to Work program, based on the terminal digit of the beneficiary's/recipient's social security number. The first tickets will be released in February 2002; no tickets will be released in March 2002; and the remaining tickets will be released in April, May, and June 2002. The staged distribution applies to the initial group of selected beneficiaries/recipients, as well as to those whose records are subsequently selected during the 5-month period. The chart below lists when the tickets will be mailed. If a ticket-eligible beneficiary/recipient wants to receive a ticket before the scheduled mailing date, see DI 55002.030B.

Mailing Dates for Initial Ticket Selections

Terminal digit of SSN:

Scheduled Mail Dates


February 2002

No Tickets Will Be Released

March 2002

1 through 3

April 2002

1 through 6

May 2002

All numbers

June 2002

C. Process – mailings beginning July 2002

After the first 5 months of the Ticket to Work program, ticket mailings will be handled as follows.

  • Beginning July 2002, SSA will mail tickets to newly selected beneficiaries/recipients on the second Tuesday of each month. (See DI 55002.030B if a beneficiary/recipient wants to receive a ticket before the scheduled mailing date.)

  • When SSA expands the Ticket to Work program to Phase 2 and Phase 3 locations, it will announce the ticket selection and mailing schedule for beneficiaries/recipients in those locations.

D. Examples of subsequent ticket selections:

These are examples of subsequent ticket selections.

  • A newly entitled/eligible disability beneficiary/recipient.

  • A disability beneficiary/recipient moves to a ticket State from a non-ticket State and the change of address is on the system.

  • A title XVI disability recipient whose Federal cash benefits resume after previously receiving only a State Supplement.

  • A disability beneficiary/recipient who goes back into current pay status after having benefits suspended or deferred for any reason.

  • A disability beneficiary/recipient who successfully appeals a prior medical cessation determination.

  • A beneficiary/recipient whose disability continues following the first medical CDR based on a MIE diary.

  • A title XVI recipient found disabled under the adult standard following an age-18 disability redetermination.


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