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DI 55030.040 Accessing the Evidence (EVID) Screen

A. When to use the EVID screen

Use the EVID screen to review the earnings evidence the PM certified and electronically recorded on the shared processes. (See DI 55030.015D.)

B. How to get to the EVID screen

To get to the EVID screen:

  • select 4, “Shared Processes,” from SSA's main menu (MAIN) screen;

  • enter the beneficiary/recipient's SSN on the shared process menu (SPMN);

  • select item 3, “Query”;

  • select function 1, “Evidence”; and

  • select the specific evidence issue(s) to be viewed by placing an “X” in the appropriate “SEL” field of the evidence summary (EVSM) screen.

C. Reference – EVID screen

MSOM EVID 001.003 Evidence Screen (EVID)

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