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DI 60075.015 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Participants

POD participants

POD participants are SSDI or concurrent beneficiaries randomly assigned to one of the two treatment groups or the control group. For information on the POD groups, see DI 60075.010A.

1. Identifying a POD participant

a. Disability Control File (DCF) coding

POD participants have a demonstration code designation of DP in the indicator field of the DEMO screen in the DCF. They will also have a Start and Stop date of participation listed on the DEMO screen. To view the POD DCF DEMO screen:

  • Select: 32 from SSA MENU

  • Select: 16 from CDR SELECTION MENU (CDRMS)

  • Input the SSN and hit enter

b. Master Beneficiary Record (MBR)

POD participants who experience at least one month of offset will have the following on the MBR:

  • special message:


  • DP code in the DPI (Demonstration Project Indicator) field on the HISTDEMO line;

  • HISTDEMO group shows the start and end date of the participation period. For more information on the HISTDEMO, see SM 00510.178; and

  • MBR HISTORY contains one or more Z entries in the WIC field.

c. eWork

eWork recognizes the DCF DEMO coding and provides an alert identifying the beneficiary as a POD participant on the following screens:

  • Initiate/Update Work Report

  • Initiate/Update Work Review

  • Initiate/Update Recon

  • Initiate/Update IC Evaluation

  • Query Work Development

A POD participant’s record can be queried in eWork, however all forms/notices are restricted.

NOTE: Beneficiaries assigned to the control group will not have any of the identifiers above on the DCF, MBR, or eWork.

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